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Autumnal, Autumnal, Autumnal

There have been fall days when the sky is so blue, I just want to swim in it screaming the word "autumnal" over and over again (autumnal being my favorite word). -- Paul Ewing

Fall is my favorite season. Early fall is my favorite season. I love the dramatic colors of the leaves against the shockingly blue sky, the slightly spicy smell of dried, crushed leaves, and the temperatures (finally) low enough to allow for the wearing of sweaters.

Within the last year, I've found another thing to love about fall. Lower temperatures mean kitties deprived of the allures of open windows and looking for shared body heat. You got to love snuggly kitties, even if it is because they are cold and bored. We got Meeko and Electra in the fall, and their autumnal snuggliness always reminds me of when we first brought them home. Electra--quite put out about being removed from her first family--standing on my lap, looking me straight in the eye as if to say, "Who are you and where the hell am I." Meeko--having arrived with a rather severe cold--rubbing his runny nose against my face and crying incessantly during the weeks it took the antibiotics to kick in.

In the spring, the open windows draw them away. In summer, they are too hot to want to be close. By winter, I'm tired of them crawling all over me. But fall is perfect kitty snuggling weather. Happiness is a pair of warm kitties.

I guess more particularly, I love early fall. Today it was in the forties and raining. Frankly, I would prefer snow. Snow, at least, can be dusted off. I don't mind the cold as long as it is a dry cold. I had meetings on all corners of campus today, and think I spent the better part of the day being cold and damp. Blech.


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I have two words about the cold and damp -- handknitted socks. I'm wearing mine right now.

Posted by Adrienne on October 26, 2005 09:45 AM

I have two words about the cold and damp -- handknitted socks. I'm wearing mine right now.

Or you could always keep a kitten in your pocket. I suspect that there are laws about that, tho, even in Ohio.

Posted by Adrienne on October 26, 2005 09:45 AM

I'm actually working on the knitting thing. I'm not up to socks yet - I'm more at a simple scarf level. And my fingers are not so sure they want to cooperate.

I'd love to keep a kitten in my pocket. I suspect could get away with in many environments, I spend a lot of time at work, the kitty would need a litter box here, and Case has a pet-free campus policy. Given my fond memories of Jim Bulman's dog Nuggie running amuck in the English department at Allegheny, I think it's a damn shame.

Posted by Trish on October 26, 2005 09:54 AM

PS. Although pets are verbotten, deer are apparently OK

Posted by Trish on October 26, 2005 10:03 AM

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