December 07, 2005

Incident M

In the HR simulation project, there was an interesting part of Incident M that I would like to point out. It said in the incident description that the HR director was going to “confront him [Ted] with sexual harassment charges” for asking Chris to accompany him to a two-day technical conference. Now Ted asking Chris to accompany him on the two-day trip was not professional and was one of the reasons we decided to fire him. However, this does not necessarily mean that his plans for Chris at the conference were necessarily sexual even though they probably were. I do not think that the HR director should have confronted Ted with sexual harassment charges without exactly knowing his intentions. Instead, he should have confronted him with the fact that he offered Chris a bribe, and changed her work assignments and gave her poor reviews when she refused to go to the conference.

Mangement Four Credits?

There has been a lot of talk among my classmates and simulation group members about Management 250 being a four credit hour class. Everyone keeps saying that there is so much work because of the many papers and group assignments that we have to do. If you think about it though, we have no quizzes, tests, or finals that really require you to understand difficult concepts. If you simply do the work at decent quality, it is very possible to get an “A” or a “B”. Personally, I prefer work that is time consuming and doable to work that is not very time consuming and difficult. Maybe it could become a four credit hour class if quizzes and tests were included along with all the papers and group work.

December 06, 2005

The Strong Interest Inventory

I recently visited the Career Center and took the Strong Interest Inventory. To my surprise it said that I should go into banking or into some other profession in finance. It also gave strong readings for management and accounting and said I should get a M.A. in one of these three fields. As a student who is considering medical or dental school my results really discourage me from wanting to pursue a career in those fields. After all, they are on the other side of the hexagon. However regardless of what the test says I think I should go with my gut feeling about my future career. They say that if you like what you are doing, the money will come in whatever field you are in.

The Need for Punishment

A question that was asked last week was if it is possible to have discipline without punishment. The answer to this question really depends on the workplace and the group of workers. If you have a group of highly skilled professionals like a group of doctors, they by their nature are probably disciplined and believe in doing good work. Highly skilled workers such as doctors also usually deal with very important matters such as a person’s health or the well being of the nation. This probably causes them to take their work very seriously. On the other hand, unskilled workers who usually deal with unimportant matters probably need punishment or at least the threat of punishment to keep them in line. I know for a fact that in my previous jobs, the employees would not do any work if there was no fear of punishment.

The Tom Mendola Predicament

I recently read the Tom Mendola case for class. As far as his job is concerned, he should not be given a second chance for a number of reasons. First, his job was changed at his request to better suit his needs. Second, he was given numerous warnings about his behavior before he was terminated. Third, if the job was so essential to supporting his family, he would have made the simple adjustments to his behavior in response to the managers’ complaints. By terminating Tom he will probably have a better attitude about his work in his next job.

November 06, 2005

Battling Unethical Behavior

Ethics in the workplace are very important for every business. Lack of ethics used to cost a company I work for large amounts of money.

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Casinos like Harrah's and the Tangiers are on the Right Track

According to the Harrah’s case article, most of the casinos in Las Vegas are product-oriented as opposed to customer-oriented. Casinos like Harrah’s are customer-oriented and have the right strategy.

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