December 10, 2005

Learning Plan Part II

What exactly is the point of this?

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November 06, 2005

Employee Training

The class exercise on class training was fun, and a welcome diversion from normal discussion/lecture. Even though people made a sort of joke of the exercise, it still showed what kinds of things were desireable in an employee training program.

I still think the team that came up with the scoring system for the exercise should get bonus points.

Business Ethics

I have to be honest in that the first thing that came into my head when I saw the headline "Business Ethics" on the projector screen the first thing that came into my head was the movie Billy Madison starring Adam Sandler.

Regardless, ethics in business is very important. Not only can being unethical get you into serious trouble with the law, it can also give you a bad reputation that can hurt your career and make it difficult to find a job or to get your employees, coworkers, and managers to trust you.

HR Simulation

I am really enjoying the HR Simulation so far. It is giving us good experience in what it is like to run a company, and how to make intelligent decisions based on information given to us and problems that arise. It also is a good team-based exercise, and teaches good teamwork skills and what working in a team in a business environment is like.

Jonah Crighton Case

The Jonah case gave a good example of racial inequality in a company, and the wrong way to go about correcting it. The methods that Jonah used to try and stop the problems in his company only got him into trouble.

Harrah's Casino Case

This case was a really good opportunity to see the differences in employee incentive plans, and what works and what doesn't. It was interesting to see a company choose a completely different marketing plan than any other companies in their industry and be one of the top performers. It showed that following the crowd isn't always the best strategy.

October 08, 2005


Amazing what taking a test can teach you about yourself...

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