December 05, 2006

MIDS, Oh' The Memories


Today, I am dedicating my final blog for this class to the professor that makes it all possible when it comes to the great subject of MIDS, Professor Avital. Through out this semester, we have all learned, laughed, giggled, smirked, chuckled, slept, drool, eat, and work together. All of these fun activities were do to the great leadership of our teacher. I did not know what to expect when I first walked into MIDS, but after meeting the professor who at times teaches seriously, and at other comes up with some very funny and not so serious comments, I knew that I had made the right decision for signing up for this class. It has been a very fun semester and I will miss this subject, and especially the instructor.
I think the best part about Professor Avital is his ability to make people laugh. There were times when we would talking abut information systems that I was almost sleeping, but then the professor would call on someone for an example and no matter if it was a good example like an e-business, or something as weird as a bar of soap, Professor Avital used it and made it work and that was very funny.
I thought my favorite experiment for the semester was the play that we acted out about a company and their concerns with information sharing and systems. Professor Avital wrote the entire play, which is something that I have never really found with any of my other professors. That must have been time consuming, but it was very interesting and had some rewarding issues within the lines.
I felt that the worst part about MIDS was that is was only held on Tuesday and Thursday. This is a class that I believe needs to be held every day, and only for half the usual amount of time on Sunday. I know that might sound stupid and not possible, but think of how much we could learn about IT.
I really did learn a lot this semester. Tools such as groove and Wikipedia that I never once used are now part of my weekly activity. I found out quicker ways to share information, and extremely cool ways to write blogs. Professor Avital did a great job keeping us enthusiastic, and I am going to miss MIDS 301.

December 04, 2006

The Internet, Just Like Any Other Product


When dealing with the case presented in class last week, both teams supported their arguments very well. If I had to pick a winner for the debate, I would defiantly have to go with those who were against having a fixed cost and bandwidth for all internet users. I was a judge, so I guess by me saying I agreed with them that in fact entitle them to be proclaimed winners.
Having a fixed cost and bandwidth does not allow the economy to grow. I realized that the argument that each household would get the same amount would in fact take away from slow internet because of over users, but some people just need to over use. I felt that the best example would be a small e-business ran out of some ones home. For example, one of my friends owns his own business where he sells books over the internet. He has multiple operating systems and need to be online at all times. His internet usage may cause it to be slower for other people, but he pays for that advantage. People who have money always get the nicer things. That is just how the world works, and it has been like that forever. Now, if the internet usage was a fixed rate, he would not be able to do as much business. He would make fewer profits, and not need more internets, but that does absolutely nothing for the economy. In some sorts, it makes the economy worse off. If a small business owner can not profit due to the internet, than he will become less wealthy which will bring the entire wealth of the country down. We want just the opposite of that. We want to make money, and make this country more profitable. Information sharing systems and pc were created to do this. To make every day business efforts easier, and to share information more efficiently. By not allowing people to take advantage of this, we are simply keeping the economy from being better off.
I also understand that the people who want a fixed rate have the argument that everyone will get the same amount of internet for the same costs, which will make a more competitive market. This is not true, because it will not allow for any industry leaders. Yes, it will probably get rid of monopolies, but these are almost non-existent anyways. If people want to pay more to have a better internet, than so be it. Who is anyone to tell someone what they can and can not spend their money on? The internet is just like any other product, and for the right cost it could be as good as individual wishes it to be.

Im Gonna Be Rich!!! Scott Trade

mu;a chacha.jpg

For Christmas I am specifically asking my family members to give me money. Although they probably think I want the money to go the local bar night every night, they are wrong. I will only go to the bar a couple of times, other than that I want to put the money into good use. I will use it to start my own account on Scott Trade. 500 dollars is the amount needed to do this, and hopefully I will achieve my goal in getting that much.
Scott Trade is an online stock account. This website allows thousands of people and young college kids like me to trade stocks online at which ever pace they want. Years ago, trading stocks had to be done over the phone and through a stock broker. Today, the vast majority of it is done over the internet. It is yet another perk of e-commerce. I can simply wake up every day and trade stocks with no broker involved. I will simply log in to Scott Trade and start buying and selling. They charge a fixed rate for each transaction, which in the long run still saves people a ton of money when comparing to what it would cost to get a stock broker. The only disadvantage of Scott trade is that there is no broker to give you advice. But when you are as young and intelligent as some one like me, brokers are not really needed. On a more serious note, the advantage of not having a broker is mainly that you get to make your own decisions with out any one else telling you what to do all of the time. For Instance, if I am going to lose money I want to know that the main reason I lost it is because I am an idiot and made my own choice to gamble, not because I took the advice of someone else, who is charging me for it.
Scott Trade is another perfect example of an E-business that has just flourished over time. Most of my fellow college population uses Scott Trade to make transactions. The bottom line is that it is just easier top use than a broker and it cost less money. People can make a living off of simply waking up and trading stocks open their computers in their own homes, and that was a subject that I felt was necessary talk about.

Windows Vista , Thank You Microsoft

Windows Vista

Operating Systems have changed the common way of life. A computer holds some of the key elements of a person’s daily activity. For instance, waking up and checking your email. This is something that I partake in every day, as well as all of my roommates and family members. Our emails are almost more important than our answering machines. Messages can be sent quickly, read, and replied. I also like to check the weather out before work, or see the latest news. This is all done with in minutes by the use of my computer. Every thing that has to do with my operating system is all because of Windows. Windows was created by Bill Gates and Microsoft, and after a long and awaited time, they are upgrading their software in less than one year from now. Windows will now be called Windows Vista. Windows Vista has been created mainly to deal with security issues. Activities such as searching the web or emails can often be viewed by others with out consent of the writer or searcher. Windows Vista is also going to offer a better search engine to compete with Google. Google will actually run and own the engine that Windows Vista will probably still call MSN, but it will be upgraded and more advanced to help people find exactly what they want and quicker. Windows has taken all sarcasm out of searches, so people are not viewing pages of which no interest comply.
The system is being introduced to provide more safety for personal computers. Operating System components such as Symantec and Norton antivirus are not going any where. These will still be very important factors, but much easier to use and manage. Even though these are still needed, Windows Vista will give a variety of antivirus systems to choose from, giving every one the chance to use their personal taste when choosing. Although these activities are still needed, Windows Vista increases the safety of computers significantly
I really thought that it was necessary to talk about this new system because of how important information and operating systems are today. Seriously, almost everything revolves around computers. There are people who buy their wives off the internet. I would attach a link, but I really don’t want to be one of those people who search for a web site like that, but there are people out there who do. This new Windows will probably once again enhance society’s technological advancement, and make everyone better off. Technology is the cause for more efficient business, and I am sure that more businesses and especially E-businesses will benefit from this new creation.

November 14, 2006

Fantasy Football, The Internet's Easiest game to Follow


It seems that every time I win something by using a computer or it that I just have to share it with my fellow bloggers. Today I want to talk about fantasy football. Fantasy football is jus another e-business that has really taken off in the last few years. It is used by the internet, and people who play can compete against others from all over the world.
Fantasy football would not work without having a draft. A draft is where a group of friends get together and draft their fantasy football team for the year. The players they choose come from the NFL, and you are allowed 25 in total. In recent years, it took my group of players an average of four hours to complete our draft. This year, we used a chat room to do our draft, which decreased the amount of time needed dramatically. This is more proof of how IS can make life easier, but I have been talking about that all year, and I don’t want to bore people anymore. So we decreas3ed our time by using a chat room, then your season begins just as the NFL season begins. Each player on your team scores you points based on their performance. Touchdowns are worth the most, but the entire team’s performance can earn you points as well. It is a very fun game to play, and even more interesting if there is money on the line.
What is so cool about fantasy football is that it is so much easier to keep track of your points if you have a computer. Years ago, it would have at least taken 3 hours to figure out how any points your team members have earned. Now, there are fantasy football websites where you can become a member and they will automatically update your [points as soon as they are scored on a weekly basis. All the player has to do is log in and simply check there points. This is why so many people are now playing fantasy football, it is easy and fun and there can sometimes be the possibility of winning money.
Fantasy football is a great example of how lucky we are to have IT pretty much everywhere in this country. I wanted to talk about it because it really is a fun game, and if some of you bloggers have never played in a fantasy football league, maybe this post will make you more interested in it. IT has a great deal to do with fantasy football, because of the convenience of a draft and checking your score. This game probably would not have the popularity it does if it wasn’t for IT. So please, if you get a chance next year, play fantasy football or any other fantasy sport, it will be fun and worth your time. To get started, simply look at this free website and league for next year.

Fantasy Football

November 06, 2006

Christmas Made Easy ; Thanks E-commerce


Easy Shopping =

Well, Christmas is coming up and my family takes that very seriously. There is nothing more important than all of us getting together and enjoying the holiday season with some spirits and some laughs. Along with those activities, church, eating etc… comes another very important aspect of Christmas, shopping!
Being a college student shopping is always a little hard for me, due to the fact that I have no money. So, this year I figured I would be a little bit smarter, and shop early before my entire checking’s account is empty. I figured I would buy my immediate family gifts now, so I could get them something really nice. Little did I know, this only took some right clicks and a short period of time, all due to E-commerce and online catalogs.
My family is really into the outdoors, excluding my mom. So I figured I would buy every one some very nice fleece shirts that would be warm in the winter. I wanted to know where I could get them, so I searched Cabelas on Google. Immediately, this took me to the home page and allowed me to search and shop online. I was done in twenty minutes. I picked out four gifts, and now I have no worrying to do for the next eight weeks, when it come to my brothers and my dad’s Christmas gifts.
By shopping online for these gifts, it has just been another perk of E-business. On the website link above, which is where I shopped, you will be able to see how easy and effective this E-business is. This link will provide a full online catalog, showing all of the products you would wish to see, as well as let you buy them on the spot. I did not really know that I would be able to do this. But some companies, other than Cabelas, can often use forms of internet advertising to let people know of their services. This can be done by pop-up ads, email advertising, electronic brochures, or even news and chat room group postings. This is all sounds crazy, but I would bet money that the companies who use these forms of E-advertising make more money. If I ever would have seen a pop-up for Cabelas, I would have instantly clicked on it and seen what they had to offer, because of my outdoors background.
This all was possible do to the perks of E-business and E-commerce. I love sharing stories like this one to all fellow bloggers. It really does show how lucky we are to have the internet. My life, especially this year, has been made a lot easier due to E-businesses. When something personal like this happens, it is fun to think of what I have learned about information systems, and compare them to my life

October 31, 2006

The Establishment of CRM

When thinking back about a week, I have just thought of something really cool that I would like to share with my fellow bloggers. It is not really my opinion of anything, but it is a case that my classmates and I had to do a report on for our marketing class. The reason I want to share it is because the entire case has to do with IT and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
The case is about a company called Siebel Systems. Siebel Systems was formed in 1993, and it is software used for CRM. By 2000, Siebel had reached 2 billion in revenues. This was amazing. Because if you think back that was a long time ago, and 7 years is not that long to get your company out there and make that type of money. Siebel Systems differentiated themselves from other new CRM companies by setting their company up as one that would endure over time, due to the fact that it was based on traditional values and a commitment to making its’ customers happy.
The case goes on and on about CRM and how Siebel became the world leader in it’s’ software, and had over 50% of the market share. What trumps Siebel, is when they try and break into the Employee Relationship Management (ERM) software. Here, Siebel was faced with a few options of joining with another company, or simply picking a company at a few fairs to invest in and buy. At that point, the talk about IS and IT kind of vanishes in the case and takes a path more towards finance and marketing. So what I would like to talk about is how Siebel Systems was founded. This was in the breakthrough of the internet in the early 1990’s, and Siebel still is the one of the leading companies in the CRM market.
When Siebel was founded in 1993, by Tom Siebel, he said that he was pursuing a market opportunity that he had thought about for a long time. Also, a market that in fact, had to happen. Tom Siebel was exactly right. At the time, their were 400 vendors competing in the emerging sales force automation space, but no one really offered much when it came to electronic contact management. So Siebel knew they had to get into that market, and went to other successful companies for help. They found potential customers, such as Cisco, Sun, Clorox, etc… and simply asked them if there was a way to apply IT to sales and Marketing. These companies were very interested, and got involved in forming the product. Years later, CRM technology was a strong market, and Siebel was the market leader. The case goes on about it partnerships and money. But one aspect of it that really amazed me was the fact that Siebel Systems was used at the CEO level, on a daily basis. This just shows you how important their product is.
I really wanted to give a brief overview of this case, like I have, because it was so related to what we have been learning in MIDS class. It is not very often that I get to do a report on a case that has so much to do with IT. What really amazed me about this case, is how internet used companies just took off like Siebel Systems did. It is just more proof that we really do depend on IT and the internet to do business today. Without it, who knows where we would be. Siebel Systems knew that the world would one day depend on it, and they were right. Now, every one that had to do with that company is extremely wealthy.