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A Second Call By Mike on July 26, 2006

No meaningless violence.
No poorly written dialogue.
No multiple characters searching for personalities that were replaced with a single disgruntled disposition.

A second call is among us. A Call to Arms, that is.

Forget what you thought you knew about the film. The old, tired script full of three men walking around goaded for an hour has been trashed. The revamped 'Call' will contain characters that have intriguing personalities and motivating conflicts. There will be action, drama, and suspense that tells a story of men and the wars that wage within them.

No more stick fights followed by blood running down some guy's face. Come on. No one's laughing at such garbage.

Extending our chronicle By Ken on July 05, 2006

When I proposed the idea to Mike a few weeks ago of possibly resurrecting the project 'A Call to Arms', the first thing that went through his mind was "once a failure, always a failure."

For those that are not aware, the initial attempt to film 'A Call to Arms' in December 2004 was plagued with failure. Just to mention a few setbacks, we were ejected from one location by the police just when we only had a few more minutes to film, my car broke down, and we accidently taped over the crucial footage we did manage to get before the police arrived.

That being said, the project never came near completion. However, sitting at work a few weeks ago, I was suddenly in possesion of a strangely strong desire to attempt to make this film once again, only better. As I said before, Mike was initially skeptical, but then a transformation occured. I will let you read his own words: "But then something happened. As I read along, I felt this strong desire inside of me, but for, I knew not what! Then I realized it: I wanted to do this movie. I wanted to be the best Jack Straw this world has ever seen."

The idea was proposed to Keith, Chris, and Josh shortly thereafter. We now plan to shoot the film this December - two years after its original failure. And mark my words, we will succeed.