December 12, 2006

Wise actions for me

From past experiences and the personality tests I have taken in class, I believe I am a logical person who puts more interest in facts and realities than the overall idea and the inner world of impressions. Thus, it is wise for me to understand the importance of the overall idea, so that I may be better prepared to take the CPA exam. In addition, due to my shyness, I sometimes have trouble speaking to native English speakers as well as asking for help. Thus, I must push myself to ask for and be amenable to help when I feel that I need it instead of working by myself and getting nowhere. Thus, I will try to ask other accounting majors who are studying for the CPA exam for help with certain problems I am stuck on. In addition, I hope to become friendlier with the overall undergraduate class at Case, not just Koreans, in order to help my English speaking skills and prepare me for working in America if I am accepted into a job here.

Ending MGMT 250....

During our last class, we talked about what was the most helpful part about this class and who are the people I want to recognize. Even though I only addressed mock interview and HR Simulation, there are a lot more activities that were very helpful. Learning plan and all of the exercise for example helped me a lot in understanding myself and figuring out what I like and want in my life. Asides from finding out the potential job I can take, I also realize how little time I have to prepare for my career. By writing out learning plan II, I actually planned out what I am going to do and achieve before graduating. These really helps me to forces myself to make my action plan to actions. I hope that I will actually be fully prepared with the career I want and stand out from other applicants who also desire the same job as I do.

2nd year's HR simualtion

Our 2nd half for the HR simulation was very difficult to handle. During our first half of the simulation, our results were great as we spent most of our money on training/other programs and fringe benefits. We did not concentrate on wages at all. As time went by, the difference of wages of our company and the industry's average grew apart. This was very difficult for us as we wanted to increase fringe benefits and also wanted other programs running. Our morale did not increase as much as it did during the first half of the year. In fact, it decreased few due to the level 1 employees complaining for wage increase. It was difficult to increase wages for all different level of employees.

SMART: Career Goal

After I graduate from Case Western Reserve University, I hope to find myself working as a Certified Public Accountant at an accounting firm in America. I see this as a goal to be reached in two years because I will take one year off to go to a CPA exam preparation school in Korea. In addition, I will take the exam in Vermont because the credit requirement to take the CPA exam is less than other states, thus, I will not need a masters degree. I have taken Accounting 201 and 300 in order to fulfill my Accounting Degree. In addition, as these are the core courses of accounting, I have taken extensive notes so that they may prepare me for the CPA exam. Also, these were my first classes in America. Thus, it was a very difficult time, as well as a time where I learned a lot. I became more self-reliant and began to ask for help from former accounting student who were Korean, as well as Professors of accounting and my advisor. Thus, though these courses helped me finish core requirements, they were also stepping stones to learning how to receive help as an international student. In addition, I am going to join Alpha Beta Psi, an accounting fraternity as an extracurricular on my undergraduate resume. Although there are not a lot of Koreans in this fraternity, I hope that by joining I will impress American companies when I apply for a job. Thus, even though it feels challenging for me to do as a native Korean, I hope to join the fraternity.

SMART: Personal Goal

My personal goal is to overcome my shyness and to become closer to the undergraduate population of Case, especially the native English speakers. By doing this, I will also develop skills that will help me accomplish my career goal. All my personality tests from this class has stated that I am a very factual based person who had good leadership skills but that I needed work on my conduct in interpersonal relationships. Thus, I believe overcoming my shyness will help me establish better relationships with my peers. In addition, with the goal of learning English better in mind, I feel that I will be motivated more to speak to class mates and ask for help when needed.

To reach my goal

After the "Catch Your dream Excercise", I was more prepared to write and figure out the goals I had. I was able to make SMART goals, goals that were difficult yet reachable. In the past, I either had really easy goals or really hard goals, or more like dreams/fantasy. Easy goals did not get me too far and the dream/fantasy led my morale down as I was never able to reach them. The "Catch Your dream Excercise" also showed me that I had a carreer goal and a personal goal and that they were two very different goals. It was easy to set carreer goals. Trying to figure out my personal goals were much different and I will spend more time in figuring out what they are.

November 10, 2006

Catch Your Dream

Through the "Catch Your Dream" exercise we did in class, I was able to learn about myself in more depth. Writing the dreams down quickly as possible led me to see the dreams I did not know I had. I was able to find different values that I had in life. Before the exercise, even though I knew what I wanted to do in the future, I was not 100% sure what I wanted and why I wanted it. The exercise gave me an understanding of myself and what I wanted in my life. Also, after categorizing few dreams that were common, I was able to weigh the different kind of dreams I categorized. Through this assignment I was able to have a clearer view for my goal setting and action planning.