January 26, 2005

My own blog!

Well, here we go into the (by now) fairly well charted waters of blogdom. While I regularly read quite a few blogs written by other people, the thought of starting my own was rather forbidding for several reasons.

The first was the sheer time and effort involved to keep posting fresh entries that might draw readers.

The second was that some of the best blogs I read were by people who seemed to either have sources of information that were not readily accessible to me (such as Josh Marshall) or who had the time (like Atrios) to scour the web for interesting nuggets that were missed or ignored by the mainstream media or wrote so wittily and cleverly (like James Wolcott) that my entries would be lame by comparison.

The third was that although I have many interests and have opinions on them, there are clearly people who have deeper knowledge in each of the areas that I am interested in. So what could I contribute that could not be found anywhere else?

Well, I figure the only way to find out is to venture in and see where it all goes. So this entry is the equivalent of slowly dipping my toes in the water. Hmm, not bad so far...


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Mano: definitely not bad so far!

Well, this may be interesting to you: check out the EECS 340 announcements - not a whole lot of stuff here yet, but still my timid attempt to use blogs for educational purposes. Wonder how this will turn out ...

Posted by Vincenzo Liberatore on January 27, 2005 12:08 AM


A lot of people don't blog because they think that they don't have anything interesting to say. That's horse wash! Once you start blogging and you say things you began to think were "uninteresting," all of a sudden, you realize that everybody is interested... even in the uninteresting things.

Don't compare yourself with other bloggers. Just write about the stuff you know and are interested in. The rest just falls into place.

(P.S. Try out, you will never surf the Internet the same way again.)

Posted by jms18 on January 27, 2005 04:45 AM

Mano, it's good to see you experimenting with this medium! I have been offering my students the option to create an online journal as part of their course assignments for several semesters now, and I'm delighted to see that Case is setting up a blogging platform for all of us. I think there is great potential both for teaching and for research.

Posted by Sandy Kristin Piderit on January 27, 2005 05:30 PM

I find blog platforms to be the perfect medium for people needing to improve communication. For teachers and students there really isn't an easier way of staying in contact past school hours.


Posted by Scott Jack on April 29, 2008 07:14 PM