July 11, 2011

More on the Rupert Murdoch British implosion

The Guardian keeps coming with fresh revelations of the depths to which Rupert Murdoch's minions have sunk in their phone hacking scandal. It has now revealed that people in News International (that run Murdoch's UK newspaper operations) obtained the medical records of then Prime Minister Gordon Browns infant son (who has cystic fibrosis) and The Sun newspaper then published a story about it.

These people obviously have no sense of decency. I am just waiting for the reports to begin emerging that similar practices are occurring here.


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There is a genuine opportunity here to smack Murdoch down. Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrat leader who is Deputy Prime Minister in the coalition government) made noises today that suggest there may be meaningful resistance to Murdoch's attempted purchase of BSkyB.

This reminds me of the opportunity we had in 2008 to rein in the ruinously unbridled behavior of Wall Street. We blew it, and will probably never get another chance. Will this opportunity also be missed?

Note that The Sunday Times is a broadsheet, not a tabloid. It is right at the other end of the scale from The News of the World, yet it, too, engaged in illegal and unethical activity. No wonder people were concerned about Murdoch's purchase of The Wall Street Journal over here.

Apart from Murdoch's outrageous power - which saw potential Prime Ministers seek his blessing, as if he were the king - I think it worth noting that his so-called journalists could have used their skills in a fashion that was more beneficial to the public interest. Imagine if News Corp., in the true muck-raking spirit of Murdoch's own father, worked that hard to expose government intelligence failures, lies about reasons for going to war, and corporate corruption. All those resources could have been applied for the greater good of society. Talk about a missed opportunity....

Posted by Richard Frost on July 11, 2011 09:55 PM