July 13, 2011

Murdoch scandal takes hold in the US

The Guardian, which has been relentless in covering the Murdoch story, reports on the first call by a senior US political figure to investigate if Murdoch's minions have been engaging in similar practices over here.

Senate commerce committee chairman Jay Rockefeller has asked the authorities to investigate if any journalists working for Rupert Murdoch had targeted US citizens, and warned of "serious consequences" for the media group if that were the case.

In a written statement, Rockefeller expressed concern that victims of 9/11 and their families could have been targeted by News Corporation journalists, although he did not offer any evidence to suggest that may be the case.

Meanwhile, on The Daily Show, John Oliver comforts Jon Stewart that however messed up the US political system is, it is even worse in England, and he points to all the appalling features of the Murdoch scandal as evidence.

Once the The Daily Show takes on an issue, as it is likely to do with this story, it tends to get into the mainstream.

It looks like the Murdoch scandal is well and truly here.


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I wouldn't count on anything meaningful happening to the US branch of the Murdoch empire. Maybe if the police investigation in the UK is thorough and (as it will if it is thorough) turns up even nastier stuff, there might be a shot at denting Fox and the WSJ, but I'm not holding my breath. Fox, after all, doesn't have to do illegal stuff to get stories, since it just makes stuff up rather than doing any reporting.

Posted by Steve LaBonne on July 13, 2011 01:37 PM