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April 13, 2010 -

SIS Permission Request Process Improvements

Some changes have been made to improve the permission request process for both faculty and students.

Student Center
In addition to being able to link from registration directly to permission requests, SIS will pre-populate some of the check boxes based on class settings:

  • If a class requires Consent, the Consent Required box will be pre-checked

  • If a class has any pre- or co- requisite requirements, the Requisites Not Met box will be pre-checked

  • If a class is already full, the Closed Class box will be pre-checked

Faculty Center
Based on discussions with a faculty focus group, there were several changes made to add additional data fields and to improve the layout of information:

  • The Permission tab is now the first, default tab, with General Info being second

  • The Class link is now hyper-linked to the Class Detail page Students' Admit Term and Exp Grad Term have been added

  • Requests can now be filtered by Class Number, Admit Term and Exp Grad Term

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