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April 19, 2012 -

Spring 2013 Schedule of Classes

Schedule of Classes User:

The data for the Spring 2013 term has been rolled forward based on Spring 2012 offerings. The deadline for having Spring 2013 class information updated and for notifying the appropriate individual or office is September 14, 2012.

Upon completion of your review and edits, please notify the appropriate individual as follows:

College of Arts & Sciences Departments - Cynthia Stilwell,
Case School of Engineering Departments - Kathleen Ballou,
All other schools/departments - University Registrar's Office,


A Note About In-semester Exams:
If a course holds exams during the semester at times separate from the regular class meeting times, you are encouraged to schedule these exams as additional meeting patterns. If students try to register for another course conflicting with any of the exam times, SIS will alert them to the time conflict and require that they seek permission to enroll in both courses. Please click here for an example and contact with questions about scheduling in-semester exams.


A Note About Graduate Teaching Assistants (TAs):
Please be aware that any request to have a student added into SIS as a TA will require verification of the kind of course the TA is teaching.

If a graduate or professional student is to teach an undergraduate course, the TA has to have taken or be currently enrolled in UNIV 400 (A, B or C). Students without registration in UNIV 400 (A, B or C) will not be added as a TA until this requirement has been met.

If a Ph.D. student is to teach a graduate Master's level course, this is permitted. If a Ph.D. student is to teach a Ph.D. level course, he/she will need approval from the School of Graduate Studies. Some individual departments such as engineering have special courses in their area in which students have to be registered to be recognized as a TA such as 400T, 500T and 600T.

If a professional student is to teach a professional course, he/she must have approval from the school's Dean's office.

If a student is to be a primary instructor of a course, a letter from the Dean's office approving the TA is required.

For questions please contact


A Note About Enrollment Capacity:
As we continue to learn more on how best to use SIS, we hope also to improve our capabilities to handle room scheduling, which is a critical component of both the faculty and student experience. So that we can best match rooms to enrollment requirements, any class sections that are marked for unlimited enrollment capacity (999) will be changed to match the capacity of the room requested. If a specific room is not requested, then our office will look at prior enrollment for the course and match it with available rooms and room capacity.

Departments will still be able to manage enrollment limits by using the "Enrollment Control" tab within Maintain Schedule of Classes. By actively setting the enrollment capacity we are better able to ensure that an appropriate room is available based on expected enrollments.


A Note About Room Requests:
All courses that require a room to be scheduled by the University Registrar's Office must either have a requested room listed or have TBS TBS listed in Facility ID. TBA listed in Facility ID indicates that the department will be responsible for scheduling the room without assistance from the University Registrar's Office.


A Note About Changing the Session of Combined Sections:
If a situation should arise where it is necessary to change the session in which a class is scheduled (e.g. the regular session to the dynamically dated session) and this class is already part of a combined section, please follow these instructions to make the change:

Go to the Identify Combined Sections screen for the cross-listed course. Delete all sections from cross-listing. Save.
Go to the Combined Sections table for that session and term. Delete the row of the cross-listing from the table. Save.
Go to the Maintain Schedule of Classes search screen. Search for the classes that are being moved to a different session. Change each section of the cross-listed course.
Return to the Combined Sections table search screen. Search for the session and term in which the cross-listed course should be placed.
Follow the Combine Sections of Cross-listed Courses guide to combine the sections in the new session.

These steps are also available in the SOC User Guide.



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As always, thank you for your support and feel free to let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

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