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April 23, 2012 -

Final Grades - Spring 2012

Instructors of Record, Grading Proxies, and Teaching Assistants:

Final grade rosters have been created, and you may now enter final grades in SIS. Final grades are due within 48 hours of the final exam, and no later 11a.m. May 12, 2012. Below are quick instructions on how to access SIS and enter final grades as well as a list of contact information should you have questions. (Note that some sessions, programs, departments, or schools may have an earlier or later deadline depending on various factors.)


Steps for Accessing SIS and Entering Grades

  • Access SIS at

  • Sign in with your Case Network ID and password (the same ID and password you would use to access most secured university web sites).

  • From the Faculty Center scroll down to the My Teaching Schedule grid and select the Grade Roster Icon directly to the left of the section you wish to grade.

  • Enter grades for each student in the Roster Grade drop down box.

  • When grades have been entered, set Approval Status drop down to "Approved" (Proxies choose "Ready for Review"). (Selecting Approval Status of "Approved" automatically saves grades so that a secondary step of clicking the "Save" button is not required.)

Once grades are approved and saved, they will be posted to student records within a maximum of 24 hours. Students and advisors will be able to view final grades in SIS by visiting the Student Center and clicking on Grades in the Academic drop down box then selecting the Spring 2012 term.


You Asked. We Listened.

  • The ability to release advising holds has been added to "include photos in list" advisee roster view on the "My Advisees page." The link can be located underneath the student's name when viewing advisee lists that include photos.


Helpful SIS Tips

  • Grades may be entered by either mouse or keyboard. To enter grades by mouse, click on the grade drop down box and then click on the appropriate grade. To enter grades by keyboard, navigate to the first student's grade drop down box, enter a grade using your keyboard, and tab three times to get to the next student's grade drop down box. (Mac users tab once.)
  • On the Grade Roster, you have the ability to select certain students and enter a grade to be added to those selected students. If all students are to receive the same grade (e.g., P), you can click the "Select All" link at the bottom of the page, choose the grade to be added from the drop down box and click the "add this grade to selected students" button.
  • Grade Rosters may be easily downloaded to Excel by clicking the download link at the bottom of your grade roster. Since individual browser settings may vary, if this does not work you may need to try a few things like holding down the control key while clicking on the download link or temporarily turning off pop-up blockers.
  • Class Rosters and Grade Rosters have an email address column with links to mail directly to your students' email addresses. This will also be useful when rosters are downloaded to Excel as you will have the email addresses for your class to create a mailing list outside of SIS.
  • You may upload grades directly from Blackboard to SIS (see Blackboard for instructions).
  • Midterm grades for undergraduate courses are now permanently available for advisors and students to view via the Grades page. These grades are available back to Fall 2008.
  • SIS times out after 60 minutes, so if you are interrupted in the middle of entering grades, please click Save so that you do not lose any work completed.

For a more complete listing of SIS updates, visit our new SIS and Services News page, accessible from the bottom of the registrar's home page at


Contact Information
There are a number of resources available if you would like further documentation or information.

Detailed instructions for grading, viewing class rosters, SIS faculty guide, etc.:

Questions if you are missing a student from your roster or if there is an extra student on your roster:
Monitored by the University Registrar's Office

Questions if a student is registered but is not attending, is having academic difficulties or
if you are unable to submit midterm grades by the deadline:
Monitored by the Office of Undergraduate Studies

Questions if you are incorrectly recorded as the instructor/proxy/TA for a course:
Monitored by the University Registrar's Office

General questions and feedback about SIS:
The SIS project management team receives messages sent to this address

Questions about SIS training, guides and manuals:
The SIS training team receives messages sent to this address

Thanks in advance for your timely submission of final grades.

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