December 02, 2006

HR Simulation Leader

With the HR Simulation coming to end, I could not help but reflect upon what I have learned from the simulation. When I first heard that I was going to be a leader for this simulation, I did not know exactly what to expect. However, now that the simulation is done with I am happy to say that I did learn a lot from it. From this simulation, I have gained a better understanding of what it means to be a leader when working in a team.
In my opinion, the key to being an efficient leader in a team setting is to work to find the strengths in your teammates and use those strengths all the time. By doing so, you are placing the right people in the right situation that will allow them to succeed. With the team members succeeding individually, the entire time will benefit when everything comes together. In conclusion, I am really happy and thankful that I had this opportunity to be a team leader.

Last HR Simulation

Today, I picked my group's last HR Simulation report from PBL. When I read what Professor Poonamallee had to say about the actions we took in the very last quarter of the simulation, I have to say that I am very proud of my group. She said that our group did an overall excellent job throughout the simulation, and we finished very strong. It feels great knowing that my group members and I did a fantastic job on the simulation. I can tell that everybody in my group learned something as the simulation went on. In some odd way, I guess that I can say that we grew as a small business company grows. Overall, I really enjoyed the simulation, and I had a lot of fun with it.

November 30, 2006

The Ability to do without Knowing

In class on Wednesday, we spoke about how some people are so proficient at something that they can do an activity even without having to think about. I tried to think if there was any activity that I could do that easily, and only one thing came to my mind. There were times when I drove to my high school, and did not remember making any turns at all. All I remember is leaving the house and then finally getting to school.
However outside of that experience, there is nothing in particular that I can say I am so good at that I can do it without thinking. There are certain things that I consider myself good at but I have to think what I am doing while I do it.
Overall I thought it was a really interesting discussion in class, and I had a lot of fun listening to what other people thought.

Monday's Class

In class on Monday, we spoke about employers having to release an employee. This can be a very difficult task for anyone. I got a better insight into how tough it can be to fire someone when I spoke to my dad on the phone that night. My dad is the one responsible for hiring and releasing people at his dealership. My dad says that in the car business, firing someone is really brutal. It is a very cutthroat industry. When somebody needs to be released, you have to release them without taking anything else into consideration. He went on to say that the main focus should be who is helping this company become the number one company in the industry. If there is anyone else who is slowing the company down, they have to be fire, and the show must go on.

November 26, 2006

Next Semester

With tomorrow being the day that I register for classes for next semester, I have been thinking a lot about what Management 251 is going to be like. I am guessing that not much will change in regards to the type of work we do because we have the same professor carrying over. However, I know that the material we will cover will be brand new.
I hope that Management 251 will be insightful and interesting just like Management 250 was this semester. Management 250 opened my eyes to the many opportunities that are out there in the world of management. I think Management 251 will only introduce me to more opportunities that are out there for a student graduating with a business degree. All I know for sure is that I am looking forward to Management 251 next semester.

November 09, 2006

Annual Report Review

Today I went to PBL to pick up my group's annual report, but it was not at the front desk. However, it was not there when I went to go pick it up.
The reason why I am anxious to pick up the annual report is because I am interested to see what Professor Poonamallee has to say about the performance of my group. I want to know if she thought our hiring and promotion tactic was a good one.
Another important reason why I want to get the report back is so that my group and I will not repeat the same mistakes that we did last year. Hopefully we will get our report back very soon.


In class on Monday, we discussed about personal goals. We did an exercise in which we took 17 post-its, and on each one we wrote down a specific goal that we had. After writing down my 17 goals, I noticed that my goals ranged from short-term to long-term.
However, there were three specific goals that I knew if I could accomplish then I would be on track to make the rest of my goals come true. The first goal was to get good grades. By getting good grades, I would be able to go to graduate school, and hopefully get a successful job. The second goal was to live a healthy life. By living a healthy life, I could experience everything that I want to do in life, and stay on track to fulfill all of my goals. The third and final goal was to be family orientated. With my family next to me, I have a certain sense of confidence, and that feeling allows me to do whatever I want.
I really enjoyed this exercise because it helped me put everything into perspective