December 11, 2005

Blog entries

After reading other people's comments on the blog I can see some people thought it was benefical and others like my self thought it was a waste of time. Don't get me wrong, I think having blog can be benefical. Being able to revisit topics after they are brought up in class is a positive. Knowing what your other classmates are thinking is another benefit. Also the ability for kids to speak their opinions about the class can be good, providing the professors read each comment and take into consideration the comments from the students. However, I think the way were being graded for our blog entries isn't right. I find my self waiting till the last minute then trying to put anything I can think of up just to get credit. In the future blogging might be better utilized by giving extra credit. That way people are coming into the system with something to say, they aren't writing just for a grade. Just a thought......

Peer Evulations

Creating peer evulations for our group proved to be of great help for me personally. In class our group came together and talked about our expetations for our selves and each other. Then we all knew as a group what our group members thought important or not. At the end of our final report we decided to use our peer evulations to evulate one another. This was a good decision becuase we could hold people accountable for what they suggested when we were creating our peer evulations. This helped me in evulating the group memebers but it helped me evulate my preformance as well.

December 09, 2005

Smart Goals

The smart goal lecture was a great lecture. I feel by following the smart goal system one can focus on a particular task and if they set their smart goals and follow them they will have really good chances of achieving their goals. In the past I always set goals, but they were always thoughts of how I wanted to accomplish something in the future. By reading and understanding the smart goal concept it has allowed me to think more indepth on goal setting. It has shown me how important it is when setting goals to make specific dates. Then we are creating sub goals within goals without even knowing it. You get a sense of accomplilshment by finishing small parts of your goal. When you have longer goals smart goals will help you stay on the right path. In the future I plan to use the smart goal technique.

Hire or Fire

The discussion on Tom a few days ago was rather interesting. I found it interesting that everyone wanted to fire Tom. Now I know it wasn't good business to keep him around. However, I feel when you have a young kid that doesn't have much responsibility you can't be as harsh too. People were saying well we already gave him his chances. I dont agree with these comments. I feel management should have found a way to work with Tom. Artur made the comment that we should make him work on some kid of incentive program. I think this would be a good solution. Tom would then work and see no money in his pay check so he would not be able to support his family. Next time he might work harder knowing that if he works hard he'll be able to bring more money home. Also you never want to burn any bridges. Tom might grow up and become very responsible. Someday he might remember how well you company treated him and he might be willing to give back.

MGMT 250

I just want to say how much I enjoyed class this semester. I really enjoyed the HR simulation. I feel it was the most realistic tool for learning in WSOM this far. I also enjoyed the learning plans for it made me look at my strenghts and weaknesses. Once I wrote my second part of the learning plan it made me realise my goals weren't going to be as easy to accomplish as I orignally thought. I feel the process I went through was the most crucial part of the learning plan. I realized that sometimes it's best to sit down and write out your plans. Once they are on paper and you have put some thought into them. Then is when you can really analyze you particular situtation and see what needs changed and what you need to improve on.

October 07, 2005

First team meeting

The first team meeting was interesting we have a great group of people but it was hard to do anything. Everyone wanted to get started so we could get done. So we all just jumped right in with no structure and no plan. for the first hour we didnt get a thing accomplished. Then we decided to first make a set of goals that we would try and follow through out this project. We made these goals knowing we might have to change to better serve our needs. Then as a team we attacked the incident and the rest of our decisions. When we made each decision everyone had to agree. I thought this was interesting because I heard some teams deligated work and for the most part we didn't. If someone made a decision the group approved as a whole. I thought we were a little unorganized at the begining but I feel that out next meeting will be more productive and efficient.


The qualities I think are important in a leader is someone who can motivate a group of people towards a common goal. Leaders have to see the big picture. Their focus isn't necessarly on the daily events but how they can put all the events together to succeed. A leader has to know each persons strengths and weakness and utilize each person to his/her full potential. A leader has to have a mind set that it's never good enough. They have to continually strive to better their team, not just professionally but personally. Possibly the most important thing about leadership is that people realize not everyone can be the leader.