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August 26, 2008

Dentist Plans His Future, Helps the Dental School

Philip Dixon (DEN '83) and his wife, Carolyn, have incorporated the School of Dental in their retirement plans by making a deferred payment charitable gift annuity.

May 26, 2006

Deferred-Payment Gift Annuity Celebrates Bruner Family Legacy

Dr. and Mrs. William E. Bruner, II have established a deferred-payment gift annuity to celebrate their family's distinguished legacy at Case Western Reserve University

May 26, 2005

Dr. Grace Brody Sustains her Life's Work

When one is passionate about what she does, no obstacle is too great to overcome. When Grace Brody, an emerita...

May 26, 2003

The Kohrmans Help with College Expenses

One of the most important gifts that Arthur F. Kohrman, M.D., MED '59 says he has made was a college...

Richard and Ruth Ginter Remember the University that Brought Them Together

They feel they would not have what they have—happy lives, doing what they like without the education they received...