April 27, 2006


The most effective way to make the university famous is advertising. There is many ways to advertise the name and advantage of the university. Like Case, they made a TV comercial on MTV, and it was showed everywhere in the United States. It actially costs a lot, and most universities cannot do that. So, what is the most profitable and reasonable way to advertise the university effectively?

The main target of the advertsement is students. So, putting advertisement on the magazines and the newspapers students usually read is reasonable. Put as much information as possible on the limited advertisement spaces. It is hard but if the advertisement looks nice, it could be more effective.
Even if it costs a lot, if the university can get much more students than before it started advertising, it could be profitable because tuition from lots of students is much more expensive than the cost.

Advertising is difficult function of marketing, but it is also very interesting. I would also like to relate with university marketing and think of how effective the university can advertise.

Understanding Faculties' Feelings

As a manager of a university, understanding faculties' feelings is one of the most important roles. I strongly think it is. Therefore, I interviewed a couple of teachers at ELS Language Centers Cleveland. I was interested in how teachers are feeling and how they are motivated. To provide an ideal working environment, I need to understand what faculties seek. To make ideal relationships between faculties and office workers, I need to know how they are feeling. We do not want them to leave because of the bad working environment and bad relationships with somebody.

It would be the best to assign peer evaluations to everybody is working on the organization. If everybody is honest to tell what is going on at the back, it would be very useful information to make the environment better. I would like to be responsible and would also like to be an ideal manager in the university.

April 26, 2006

Pure Competition

The economic structure for universities is most like pure competition. Although some universities are not having a good management, there is not still any monopolizing university. All universities have different advantage and disadvantage and also have a lot of opportunities to become top schools. At this time, how should universities compete with their competitors?

First, universities need to hire high-class faculties and good office workers. The faculties improve students' knowledge and office workers do an effective marketing (let me talk about university market strategy on the next blog entry). Universities need to bring their advantage to the fore using the multi media and the mass communication. Most likely, universities can do these things the best can name on the list as a top universities.

Connections with Foreign Universities

Both Case Western Reserve University and Surugadai University aggressively focus on studying abroad. Case has a lot of connections with countries in Europe, Asia, and Oceania. Surugadai University also has connections with universities in America, Europe, and Oceania. For the future, languages are the most useful tools to communicate with people. Today, English is being focused on in Japan, and a lot of people go to the countries speak English as a native language. I strongly want to support students are interested in learning foreign langauges. Languages help people break the barrier of communication. I would like to make connections with more universities for any kind of departments. At this time, there will be a lot of advantage for both the students and the university such as knowledge and experiences for the students, and relience and friendship between the university and universities in foreign countries. As long as there is advantage for both the students and the university, there is no way to hesitate to extend the connections. I will just go for it!


College students in the Untied States extremely want universities to produce entertainment activities much more than Japanese college students do. Japanese students prefer to do part time jobs besides having fun with friends on campus. This is because most Japanese universities do not have dormitories, and students live off-campus. For the reasons, as soon as classes end, they go back to their residences and go out to work. Therefore, entertainment in Japanese colleges is not as needed as in American colleges.

Let's think of this way. No universities are focusing on entertainment in Japan right now. It could be a very effective tool to bring students. People love having fun. Before it becomes common, universities better start thinking about it and discussing with some organizations such as university student government and other student associations. Start a new business!


Employment is one of the most important job for the universities. Universities usually would like to have high-quality professors and office workers have management skills. Professors are like star players in NBA. If there is a very famous professor in my university, it is like LeBron James in Cleveland Cavaliers. Fans want to watch LeBron's fantastic plays so go to Gund Arena to see him. I think it is about the same thing. Students want to learn meaningful subjects from famous professors and think of enrolling a university has a very famous professor who teachers classes they are interested in.

Office workers are also very important. Universities are more like business organizations than normal educational systems like public elementary schools. Therefore, they definitely need a good management condition. Accounting, marketing, and PR skills are strongly necessary.

However, Hiring good professors usually costs a lot more than hiring office workers. It is completely the same as hiring basketball players costs so much more than hiring office workers at basketball teams. Universities need to negociate with professors. They might want high wage, good environment to do their researches, and something else. At this time, universities think how the professors are worth. Both professors and universities need to get and give up something. It is very difficult to make a right decision, but it is also very interesting to consider of employment.

March 31, 2006

Repletion of Internet Access

Case Western Reserve University has a good Internet access system. If I am in the unviersity residences, I can connect a high-speed Internet connection, and even if I am at outside of the residences, I still can connect the wireless Case network. Since students started using Internet very heavily, this is very useful to do their assignments. If students study at the same place everyday, the studying efficiency could be very bad and the quality of papers or projects would be bad too. Studnets should be very happy to enable to connect Internet everywhere on campus. Unfortunately, this system is not very common in Japan yet because the history of Internet is still new, and it is still on the way to be developed. Surugadai University, I graduated from in Japan, is focusing on information technology a lot, and all students in the departments of Economics and Culture Information Internet are required to have laptops to do their assignments. To use internet on campus, they have to go to computer labs or the library. It is still convenient though, it is not as convenient as Case Internet system is. If this is installed at Surugadai University, the efficiency of students' work could be a lot better, and the quality of students would be better too.