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May 26, 2005

KSL Hosts Reception for Abigail Lambert

Nathan, Jenny and Abigail Lambert
On May 26, 2005, Kelvin Smith Library hosted a party to welcome Abigail Lambert, daughter of KSL IT Manager Nathan Lambert and his wife Jenny Lambert, to the KSL family. I've loaded the photos to my Flckr page.

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May 25, 2005

KSL says Good-Bye to Keith Higgs

Keith Higgs and Nathan Lambert
On Friday, May 20, the Kelvin Smith Library bid farewell to Keith Higgs, who, over the past almost-eight years, has worked in KSL's circulation department and most recently as the KSL webmaster on the KSL Technology Team. (Keith is shown here with Tech Team/KSL IT Manager Nathan Lambert.) Keith has taken a new position with an IT consulting firm in Brecksville. We wish Keith well in his future endeavors.

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May 16, 2005

What? No books?

Saturday's New York Times featured an article about the trend in libraries to devote space and staff energy to a variety of technological services that were previously either unavailable in libraries or relegated to "computer labs" that provided the hardware and software but not much in the way of service.

Libraries have discovered the need to assist students and faculty in the teaching process and the use of technology in their research and learning. Libraries are becoming places for students, faculty and staff to collaborate in the teaching and learning process.

Kelvin Smith Library has been in the planning of such innovative services for more than a year now, and the Freedman multimedia center in KSL will soon open as the first phase of a larger "information commons" plan for KSL that will fully integrate librarians, technology staff, and instructional technology staff into a much more unified whole. The information commons (which will include a greatly re-vamped circulation and reference service desk) will be phased in over the next several years as funding becomes available to make the numerous physical changes that are required.

Stay tuned for much more information about these important new services.

P.S. For those our there in Readerland who fear they have become Luddites: do not be afraid. Books and printed journals are not going away from Kelvin Smith Library anytime in the far foreseeable future.

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May 11, 2005

Samuel Johnson's Dictionary Celebrates 250 Years

Here is an interesting article in The New Republic about Samuel Johnson's great Dictionary of the English Language, which is this year celebrating the two hundred-and-fiftieth anniversary of its publication. The article's author, Ilan Stavans, is a Mexican immigrant and non-native English speaker; his comments on Doctor Johnson's magnum opus are fascinating.

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May 09, 2005

Oink! Was this you?

KSL trash KSL table trash table trash
Last week was finals, and KSL was very busy with students studying around the clock. Our students in general are remarkably courteous to each other; however this picture depicts another side. A group of students worked at this study table all one day and into the night, and then went off and left their mess behind. Food and drink in the library is a privilege for which KSL staff have received many favorable comments. It would seem that the least people can do is clean up after themselves.

Please be kind to your fellow library users and pick up your trash and throw it in the appropriate container.

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