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May 23, 2007

Ann Vander Schrier participates in "Taking Science to the Streets"

KSL's GIS Manager Ann Vander Schrier will participate in "Taking Science to the Streets" on Monday, June 11, from 6-8 PM at the Great Lakes Brewery. She will be presenting with Prof. Mark Salling from Cleveland State University on the topic of "Google Earth and the Traveling Salesman: The Science of Global Information Systems (GIS)". There are more details here.

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May 07, 2007

Fair Use story on NPR

National Public Radio this morning had a story about the Stanford Fair Use Project, which assists authors and other artists in using the Fair Use provision of the U.S. Copyright Law. In recent years the concept of fair use, which allows scholars and artists to quote passages from copyrighted works for the purpose of criticism and parody (among other reasons), has been eroded by ever more aggressive publishers who are demanding royalty payment for even small uses of their copyrighted material. This has had a chilling effect on many artistic endeavors, but especially in the area of documentary film, in which clearing the rights for use of clips has become so onerous that filmmakers are just not touching some subjects, even when their planned use of material is clearly within the bounds of fair use.

The NPR story is a good background about the issues involved. As one lawyer put it to me, "If you don't exercise your fair use rights, they will wither away."

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Thanks, Nick!

Nick Fischio
It is with mixed emotions that we give friendly farewell wishes to Nick Fischio, who for the past four years has been Development Manager on the Technology Team at Kelvin Smith Library. During the time that Nick worked in the library, then team developed the KSL web site content manager, and, most importantly, the team developed Digital Case for its first public release in September 2006.

Nick is leaving KSL to begin an internship in investment banking at KeyBank in their Industrials group. The industrials group assists companies in mergers, acquisitions and in raising equity. This will be a four-month internship, and then Nick may have the possibility of continuing permanently.

Thanks, Nick!

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