November 29, 2007

LC to begin converting images to JPEG 2000

An article at describes a new collaboration between the Library of Congress and Xerox to convert as many as a million digital images, photographs and maps from the TIFF format to the neweer JPEG 200 format. The goal is to create a "leaner, faster" digital collection. Xerox will create a set of guidelines for converting TIFF files to JPEG 2000 which will then be turned over to LC and to the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP)

Digital Case, the digital library and repository for Case Western Reserve University, uses JPEG 2000 for delivery of images stored in Digital Case. In a fine case of hedging out bets, we continue to store archival images in TIFF format. The outcome of the LC project could help us determine if the time is right for future projects to create the original images in JPEG 2000 rather than in TIFF. JPEG 2000 is a "loss-less" format, as is TIFF.

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February 02, 2006

Digital Case beta released

I'm pleased to report that as of yesterday, February 1, 2006, the Digital Case project has been released in a beta version. Please note that much of the data is still "sample" data used for testing purposes; however, over the next few weeks, a sizable amount of digital library data will be loaded into the system. This initial beta release also does not have the final "look and feel" that we want to see with Digital Case. We expect that to be finished by the first public release sometime in April 2006. We are already planning features for the second release.

So, you say, "The look of it isn't done, and there's no data. Why should I bother?" One of the most important things about this beta is the very complex magic behind the scenes that is running Digital Case--database, indexing, image manipulation, metadata management. These are all things that build toward the success of Digital Case, but are not readily apparent in the foreground.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments in Digital Case. I especially want to thank Nathan Lambert, CTO of Kelvin Smith Library, and his Technology Team, and Linda Cantara, Head of Digital Library Initiatives, for getting us this far. I also want to acknowledge the support of a Provost Opportunity Fund grant for the funding the initial start-up costs.

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September 09, 2005

The Case Grand Opening Party for the Freedman Center

Signing up for doorprizes

After the stately formal opening of the Freedman Center on September 8th, today the library hosted a public grand opening for the Case community today during the Case Community Hour. There was outstanding attendance by students and faculty for the event, which included door prizes, giveaways, demonstrations of the equipment and services, and a light lunch for students and faculty.

I have posted the informal photos from the event here. The last two photos are of the team of KSL and ITAC employees who were responsible for putting together the program and demonstrations.

Special thanks go to Gina Midlik, Senior Project Manager in the KSL Library Administration Office, for her tireless and efficient management of the entire Freedman Center project, from the beginning stages of its planning through the grand opening events in September 2005.

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September 08, 2005

President Hundert Checks Out New KSL Service

Yesterday the Kelvin Smith Library unveiled its newest service, a self-check-out machine, made by the 3-M Company, which enables library users to check out regular circulating materials without waiting in line at the main service desk. It will also be available 24/7, so you'll be able to check out circulating materials (but not reserve or OhioLINK books) during the overnight hours when library staff are not present. The library has been wanting one of these machines for years, and it was this year funded by the Provost's office. We thank Dr. Anderson for his support in providing this new service.

President Hundert was in the library this afternoon and was one of the first to try out the new machine. Karen Oye, Head of Customer Service, helped him the first time. Vice Provost Kathryn Karipides was the interested onlooker.

Ask at the KSL main service desk for more information.

President Hundert Checks Out Self-Check-out

(Note: This blog entry was originally posted with the title "President Hundert Checks Out." It was pointed out to me that some might be confused by this humorous play on library jargon. I regret any confusion that might have been caused. The entries in this blog, while all related to KSL and Case, do not necessarily represent any official viewpoint of the Kelvin Smith Library or the university. They reflect a personal spin on factual information about the library and its services.)

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Freedman Center Opening, Part 2

Ribbon Cutting

Today's luncheon and ribbon cutting ceremony was a great success. I made a collection of informal photos that I have posted. Not only were the donors happy with the Freedman Center, there was great enthusiasm for the kinds of learning experiences the Case community will be able to make of the new center.

The public opening/party is tomorrow, Friday, September 9, from 11:00-2:00.

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Freedman Center Opening Today 9/8/05

Today is the formal ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Samuel B. and Marian K. Freedman Digital Library, Language Learning, and Multimedia Services Center in the Kelvin Smith Library.

The event includes a luncheon for Mr. and Mrs. Freedman and their friends and family, and a ribbon cutting ceremony at 2:30 for an invited guest list.

This morning library staff are making the final preparations for the event. I'll post more pictures later as the event progresses.

Tomorrow there will be a public grand opening for all Case students, faculty and staff. Be sure to join us then.

Setting Up Freedman Center Adjusting Equipment All Spiffed Up New Microform Readers

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March 29, 2005

KSL acquires new scanner

Kelvin Smith Library is pleased to announce the installation of a AIAXact High Resolution Digital Reprographic Workstation to scan books, maps, posters, and other materials for preservation, archiving and electronic dissemination. Currently located in the Preservation Department, the workstation will be a part of the library’s Samuel B. and Marian K. Freedman Digital Library, Language Learning and Multimedia Services Center, scheduled to open Fall, 2005.

Because the camera scans from above, the system is less damaging to library materials than a flatbed scanner as the materials can be kept �face-up� during capture. Once the images are captured, they are passed on to a second workstation for processing. Case Western Reserve is one of the first major universities to install the OPUS Production Digitization Workflow System for Preservation and Access developed by Image Access of Boca Raton, Florida. The software facilitates workflow management, remote image processing, and metadata creation using a suite of customizable templates.

For more information, contact Sharlane Gubkin, Head of Preservation, Linda Cantara, Head of Digital Library Initiatives, or Thomas Hayes, Technology Librarian and Acting Head of the Freedman Center.

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March 03, 2005

Printer-friendly versions of web pages now available

A new feature has been enabled on the KSL web site. Each page (except the opening home page) has a small printer icon in the upper right corner of the header bar that, when clicked, opens a "printer-friendly" version of the page, with appropriate Case branding. This should prove to be a useful feature for those who use our site

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