Dallaire Receives Humanitarian Award at Case Western Reserve University School of Law International Law Conference

News Release: Friday, Sept. 6, 2013

Roméo Dallaire, founder of the Child Soldiers Initiative, based at Dalhousie University's Centre for Foreign Policy Studies, Friday accepted the Frederick K. Cox International Humanitarian Award for Advancing Global Justice.

The award presented at Case Western Reserve University School of Law will help Dallaire’s organization, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, continue its efforts to research and document the recruitment and use of boys and girls for violent attacks in some parts of the world. International law experts at “End Game! An International Conference on Combating Maritime Piracy” discussed how youths become pirates near Somalia. After receiving the award, Dallaire gave the keynote speech at the conference.

Dallaire, an author and Canadian Forces retired lieutenant-general who was played by Nick Nolte in the 2005 award-winning film “Hotel Rwanda,” said training and education is needed to end use of soldiers less than 18 years old on land or as pirates at sea. “Otherwise, they become a new and valuable weapon system for armed conflict,” he said.

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