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T&E Module Training

The final series of scheduled training sessions for CWRU's new Peoplesoft Financials Travel and Expense Module will begin Monday May 21st at the Kelvin Smith Library. Some 22 hands-on and demonstration trainings were given to over 600 faculty and staff since the beginning of April.

Those interested in registering for the 90-minute course can visit the T&E Module page of the CWRU Travel Services website. The new T&E Module will be the sole method for requesting employee and student reimbursements beginning June 1st, 2012.

It's a best audit practice that faculty and staff travelers enter their own reimbursement requests. The new module also permits a "team" approach to entry. A traveler enters certain expense details, saves the request, and their designated entry person can add additional data before submitting for approval. This team of travelers, entry assistants, and approvers can be located in different physical locations, yet still create and approve reimbursement requests.

Contact travel@case.edu with any questions.