January 30, 2018

De Historia Stirpium

Herbal Collection

De Historia Stirpium Comentarii Insignes
Basil: in officina Isingriniana, 1542

The CMLA has two copies of this work: the first, bound in vellum with 6 ribs and an orange leather tag on the spine, is a folio, 37.5 x 25.4cm; the second copy, also a folio, 37.3 x 25.5cm, is bound in red leather with gold tooling on the spine and gilt edges. Both bear inscriptions and ex libris.

CROP_1733.jpg Palma.jpg

Both works have hand-colored plates throughout. According to Johnston, in the Cleveland Herbal, the works were published with the intention that they could be hand colored, much like a coloring book, and each has 511 woodcuts of plants, many of which are full page prints.

DIGIT_1732.jpg CROP_1729.jpg DIGIT2.jpg

"De Historia Stirpium"

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January 04, 2018

Hortus Sanitatis

Herbal Collection

I thought I’d use this blog as an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. As I go through the Rare Books in the collection of the Cleveland Medical Library Association, the Cleveland Health Sciences Library, and the Dittrick Medical History Center, I’ll post about them.

Currently, I’m examining the Herbal Collection, which actually consists of several collections in the Allen Memorial Medical Library. Notably, there is the George Gehring Marshall Collection of Herbals, the Jared Potter Kirtland Collection, and finally, there are some items that belong in the collection of Nicholas Pol, physician to two Holy Roman Emperors

"Hortus Sanitatis"

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