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March 01, 2007

2 Slain; Gunbattle on 5th Avenue!


Just to give you a demonstration of how powerful are the tools at your fingertips, I have chosen to expand on what I did yesterday with the Art & Architecture database: namely, I have chosen to find the dramatic history surrounding one photograph in the Akron Museum collection. DMCAkron.gif

In the Art & Architecture database through the Digital Media Center, I chose, out of curiosity, to see what was in the DMC from the collection at the Akron Museum. So, I selected “Museum/Repository” from the field box at the search page, and typed “Akron” in the search box.

This search yielded 102 results. The sixth record on the page was a photograph, the title of which is ‘Anthony Esposito, Accused “Cop Killer” 1941.’ The picture is black and white and the cop killer at booking. He is grossly disheveled and having just been “roundly kicked and pummeled by civilian captors.” The photograph is gripping. How do I know he was "roundly kicked and pummeled by civilian captors," you ask?

Finding the Event
With the title information of the photograph alone, I went to ProQuest’s Databases, specifically, the Historical Newspapers: The New York Times (1851-2003) to dig a bit deeper. I ran a search on the name of the man, “Anthony Esposito” and a date range “01/01/1941 – 12/31/1941” not knowing when in 1941 the event occurred.


The result? There are 40 full text, page image, articles on the event, from its dramatic beginning, the chase and capture, through to the court trials (including one attempting to feign insanity in the courtroom). The information ends here because I limited the search to 1941. However, when I expanded the search to more years I got to the culmination of the series in November of 1942, with six civilians being given awards.

How did it end?
The culmination of the story for the Espositos was in March of 1942, though I’ll leave you to discover what became of it all.

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