October 22, 2007

Practice started Monday - season on the horizon

By Jennifer Reimer - New Head Women's Basketball Coach

When I stepped into Horsburgh Gymnasium on Monday, I couldn’t believe it was finally time for us to get started with practice. I have been looking forward to the start of our season since I arrived on campus September 10th – now that our first week is over, I feel even more fortunate to be part of such a wonderful university and I feel so lucky to have the chance to work with the great group of people who are part of our women’s basketball program.


Monday morning the countdown was on…practice began at 5:30pm and it seemed like it took forever for it to get here (Thank goodness for the walk to grab a chocolate chip bagel at Einstein in the Sears Building to burn off a little of that extra energy!). As we huddled up to get practice started, I realized that I wasn’t the only one who had been counting down the minutes as Coach [Freeman] Blade and Coach [Dana] Halicki were both ready to go – Everybody was anxious to get started.

I think we are all excited to have a new beginning, and to be part of a new start. But change can be hard, and not knowing what to expect can be unsettling. I have really been impressed with our team. Our players are incredible. Our energy and attitude start with our captains, Mary Herendeen and Ashley Horton, but each person on the squad has their own individual strengths that they bring to the mix. We have a great work ethic and step into every drill ready to work at 100%. We have improved each and every day.


The greatest thing I’ve experienced this first week is how much fun our team has together. We support one another and push each other to get better. The team enjoys being together – we have really great (and hilarious) people who are on our team. You can see in the way we practice that we are working to be a great TEAM. We meet challenges head on, and we do it together.


It’s fun to think what the coming months might bring. I am looking forward to my first season as a Spartan, to tipping off in Pittsburgh (close to my hometown of Irwin, PA,) to experiencing life - and travel! - in the UAA and our big trip to southern California in between the holidays. Most of all, I’m looking forward to watching our program grow and being the coach of a team who loves basketball and loves one another. Together, we are going to work hard all season. At the end of March, we’ll see where our journey has taken us, but I can tell you, I’m already enjoying the ride.

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