Final Report in HR Simulation

While writing our final report, we were asked to describe what we have learned from our experiences. One of the most crucial things I have learned from the simulation is that trust is an essential for a successful team. If you are able to trust your teammates, then there are a lot less headaches. If a team member is assigned a certain assignment, I trust him to complete it. I do not have to worry about whether he will get it done, or question the quality of his work.

Trust can be established through responsibility. If the whole team does their share of work in the first few weeks, then the trust will come easily. My recommendation for future teams is to establish that trust quickly and firmly. It makes the whole simulation a lot more efficient and enjoyable.


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Posted by: Brian Jameson
Posted on: December 11, 2006 08:01 PM

I don't think it is responsible to rush trust in really any situation. The reason trust is hard to gain is because that if, in fact, there is a breach of trust the consequences can be devastating. What would have happened if one of your teammates never informed you that they had dropped the class and you trusted them to have the section of the annual report? It just seems like a poor idea to blindly trust group members after only a few days.

Thanks for your comment Brian.

The point of establishing trust in the group is to avoid the exact situation you brought up. Once the group trusts one another, then they will feel compelled even moreso to excel in their work and inform their teammates of any problems.

With that said, you are right that trust cannot be rushed, and I should have emphasized that in my post.

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