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February 28, 2005

Introducing the Web Development Blog

We'll be using this space to post announcements, tips and tricks regarding web development here at Case. We'll also be relying on you for suggestions, so please don't hesitate to write either Kevin or Heidi with your suggestions regarding this blog.

Tip# 1:
If you are the maintainer of a website, put your name and/or linked e-mail address in your footermenu, so that people with questions about the site can easily contact you. If you have multiple maintainers and can't fit everyone in your footer, then just make sure those people are listed (and easily identified) in a staff directory or similar contact page on your site.

Reminder# 1:
Jeremy asked me to post a list of the web colors. For quick reference they are as follows:

Cranberry #7c2433
Forest #3e775d
Lime #93a530
Navy #003962
Olive #6f7730
Purple #6e5d91
Rust #a96b00
Teal #00646e
Turquoise #037596


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post more tips and tricks on this blog. i realy liked id.

Posted by nlp on August 24, 2007 05:54 PM

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