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April 13, 2005

Securing web pages for password authentication

I received a question today about securing webpages, so now that I've told you how to use ssi files with your secure page, it makes sense to tell you how to make the secure page. Please note that these instructions are only for accounts on the Aurora (Benbecula) Server. If you are maintaining a site on a different server you should check with your server administrator. Let's Begin Go to Login with your web account name and password. This would be the same one you use with Dreamweaver or your ftp program of choice to upload your files to...

April 04, 2005

Using ssi files with secured pages

Many of you are using Server Side Includes files for menus, footers, and other elements of your websites that are used on multiple pages. Learn more about ssi. SSI files are a great time-saver when it comes to updating your site, but what happens when you want to use them in a secured environment, i.e. with a file or directory that you've secured for viewing only by authenticated users*? If you've tried this, you've noticed that your files don't work properly, your stylesheet doesn't appear, and everything looks horribly wrong. What you need for these to work properly is to...