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January 11, 2009

2 Top 5 Lists = 1 Top Ten List: My most read Web Development Blog entries from 2008

Now that the New Year has been rung in, it seems that the meme of the moment is to blog about the year in review. So I thought I'd follow suit. I looked over my blog entries to see if I'd trended towards any new themes for 2008. While I have written more on social media this year (who hasn't?) I quickly noted that my topics overall continued to range across a wide array of Web related subjects. Next I looked at my stats to see which articles were getting the most traffic and comments.

December 09, 2008

5 Tips to ensure your readers can read your HTML e-mail messages

As the semester winds down, and the holiday season encroaches, it seems there are more and more events to publicize, greetings to send, end-of-year newsletters to distribute, holiday sales to promote, etc. T'is the season for HTML e-mails. Alas, as many of you know, creating and distributing an HTML e-mail message is far more complicated than building a regular Web site. As we struggled in the days of the browser wars, today we struggle with the myriad ways popular e-mail programs support HTML. Anyone who has had to create an HTML e-mail message, or has received one they couldn't read, knows what I mean. So today I'll present five tips that should help to make your e-mails readable by the masses.

October 01, 2007

CSS Tip: Positioning photos with floats

In the past I've discussed how the use of photos can enhance a Web site, but I've not discussed the code one uses to incorporate them. On campus, and elsewhere, Web designers use a variety of techniques to include their photos.

August 28, 2007

An Introduction to Web Standards

I've recently come to the conclusion that a great number of Web developers either don't know about Web standards, or simply don't care. For those who aren't already aware of the standards I'll offer a brief introduction along with resources for additional information. For those who don't care, or who are anti-standards, I'll offer some examples as to why I feel they're important.

November 16, 2006

Using CSS to deliver Web content to different media types

Earlier this week Jeremy Smith wrote Delivering Web Content to Mobile Devices in which he discussed some of the different options, and concluded that by using CSS, one can configure pages for handhelds just as easily as one can for print or other media options.

August 31, 2006

I'm not going to teach you CSS: Lesson 2

In our first lesson on CSS, I introduced you to the concept, gave you a new homework assignment and showed you an example of a simple site—with and without its accompanying stylesheet. For that example I used the Wolf site I had built as part of our first homework assignment for learning XHTML/HTML. Today I am going to show you how I added the styles to that site. Incorporating a stylesheet into your site involves two basic steps Create a stylesheet file: Using a plain text editor, such as Notepad or Textedit, open a new file and save it...