May 16, 2008

Conversations in Tremont

Join our moderator, Gladys Haddad, in the first of six community dialogues with residents, business owners, and community experts in the Strategic Investment Initiative Neighborhoods. The first discussion takes place in the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland.

Held at the Pilgrim Congregational Church on West 14th Street, this session brings together the following speakers to discuss the how neighborhoods are vital to the livable city.

Chris Garland, Executive Director, Tremont West Development Corporation
Walter Wright, Senior Program Officer, Neighborhood Progress Inc.
Heather Haviland, Owner of Lucky's Cafe and Sweet Mosaic Inc.

Listen to Tremont Part One

taste of tremont 2.JPG signage.JPG

festival.JPG community village.JPG

chalk art.JPG interior church.JPG

church.JPG art.JPG

Photos courtesy of Tremont West Development Corporation

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