June 11, 2008

Conversations in Buckeye

Join our moderator, Gladys Haddad, as she continues the community dialogue with residents, business owners, and community experts in the Strategic Investment Initiative Neighborhoods. The next discussion takes place in the Buckeye neighborhood of Cleveland.

Held at the offices of the Buckeye Area Development Corporation, this session brings together the following speakers to discuss the how neighborhoods are vital to the livable city.

Eric Hodderson, President, Neighborhood Progress Inc.
Andrew Venable, Director, Cleveland Public Library
Holly Carroll, Deputy Director, Cleveland Public Library
Pam George, Executive Director, Shaker Square Development

Listen to Buckeye Part One

Soul of Buckeye Festival1.JPG one.JPG

Harvey_Rice_MLK-View.JPG IMG_8301.JPG

New Rice Branch.JPG

Photos courtesy of the Buckeye Area Development Corporation

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