May 28, 2009

Community Wealth Building in Greater University Circle Continued

Join our moderator, Gladys Haddad, as she continues to explore the Greater University Circle Initiative and how it hopes to bring community wealth and economic inclusion to these neighborhoods of Cleveland.

Held at the Fairfax Renaissance Development Corporation offices in Quincy Place, this session brings together the following speakers to discuss how the community development and institutional leaders of Greater University Circle are looking at this ambitious plan.

Steven Standley, Sr. Vice President, System Services, University Hospitals
MaryAnn Stropkay, President, ShoreBank Enterprise
Margaret Carney, Case Western Reserve University, Architect/Planner

Listen to Part Two

Circle Home Tour 038.jpg

Circle Home Tour 058.jpg

Circle Home Tour 089.jpg

Circle Home Tour 099.jpg

Photos courtesy of Alejandro Rivera, Judson Manor.

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