May 24, 2010

Engaging the Community with Art

This week Regionally Speaking is at the Edward E. Parker Creative Arts Complex in East Cleveland.

Listen by Clicking Here


(From Left to Right)
Edward Parker, Owner of the EEP Creative Arts Complex, home of Snickerfritz Art Gallery and Art Studio and The Snickerfritz Cultural Workshop for the Arts, Inc.

Rhonda Williams, Faculty member in the History Department at Case Western Reserve University and Director of the Social Justice Alliance/Initiative.

Gladys Haddad, Host of Regionally Speaking.

Nancy Nolan-Jones, Project Director, Snickerfritz Community Time Capsule Project

Engaging the Community Through Art Program
The SnickerFritz Cultural Arts Workshop for the Art, Inc is a non-profit organization founded by master arts and sculptor Edward E. Parker to provide various programs that engage people in the arts for social development. Over the last 27 years Parker has developed the EEP Creative Arts Complex, which houses several businesses including his SnickerFritz Arts Gallery. His training and formal studies extend as far as Africa and Ecuador, and his art has been featured and commissioned across the country by many outstanding universities and organizations.

The SnickerFritz Community Time Capsule Project is an important Art and Community History initiative that will document the fast changing landscape of various local landmarks, businesses, institutions and residential neighborhoods in the City of East Cleveland. Each project partner will contribute a piece of memorabilia (i.e. photographs, newspapers, magazine articles, oral histories, student research reports on the history of the city etc.) The preservation of these capsule submissions will further document the History of East Cleveland and provide a valuable community history lesson for current and future generations. The time capsule is scheduled to be reopened in 2020.

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