June 21, 2010

Coming Together through Stories

Listen to Regionally Speaking covering the Living Through Legacies Project

The Living Through Legacies Project brings together older citizens from the McGregor Home in East Cleveland and the Fairfax neighborhood with students from Case Western Reserve University. Generations come together and the histories of the seniors are recorded. This week Regionally Speaking brings together the founder of the program David Harris along with an interviewer and interviewee who participated in the Living Through Legacies Project.

Haddad 2009-06-02 (1).jpg
(from left to right)
Harry Winfield, Fairfax neighborhood resident
Danielle Price, Antioch Development Corporation in Fairfax, CWRU student biographer
Gladys Haddad, Host of Regionally Speaking
David Harris, Founder of Living Through Legacies Project

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