October 25, 2010

"More than a Band Aid"

Listen here to a conversation about bringing social justice to the community.

Structural inequalities are alleviated only through long-term solutions. The Case Western Reserve University’s Social Justice Institute (SJI) is bringing together leaders from across the country to discuss inequalities in Ohio and the US. Topics include criminal justice, immigration, and the foreclosure crisis. In this program of Regionally Speaking, we offer a preview to this conference in November.

Joining your host Gladys Haddad is Rhonda Williams , Director of CWRU’s Social Justice Institute and Shakyra Diaz, Education Director for the American Civil Liberties Union in Ohio. Listen as we discuss Ohio’s criminal justice system and the value of having this conserversation in an intergeneraational context since SJI has invited Bernice Johnson Reagon, founder of Sweet Honey in the Rock, and Bakari Kitwana, a hip-hop cultural critic, to speak at the lecture series. How do we address deep structural inequalities with more than a superficial band-aid?

SJI's conference is on November 19 and 20 and is free and open to the public. The schedule can be found at

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