November 14, 2010

Generations of Social Justice

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On today’s program, Regionally Speaking invites two individuals that while separated by generations are both involved in community uplift. Xerona Clayton worked with Dr. Martin Luther King fifty years ago and today is the president of the foundation that presents the Trumpet Awards, a prestigious award ceremony which recognizes African American accomplishments. Our other guest is Donte Gibbs, a graduate student working for the East Cleveland Partnership, a collaboration between the City of East Cleveland and Case Western Reserve University’s Social Justice Institute.

Listen to hear about how two individuals separated by generations were inspired to contribute to their community. This program is the second in a series that is previewing the Intergenerational Think Tank on November 19 and 20 that is free and open to the public. The even is hosted by CWRU’s Social Justice Institute and we be held on the CWRU campus at the Ford Auditorium.

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