January 31, 2011

Father Roy Bourgeois

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Today, Regionally Speaking spoke with Father Roy Bourgeois, founder of the School of Americas Watch who was at Case Western Reserve University as a presenter for the Martin Luther King Celebration.

Photo Courtesy of InterReligious Task Force on Central America

A social activist born in Louisiana, a graduate of the University of Southwestern Louisiana, a Naval Officer serving in Europe and Vietnam, recipient of the Purple Cross, he entered the seminary of the Maryknoll Missionary, was ordained a Catholic priest and served the poor of Bolivia.

In 1980, Fr. Roy became involved in issues surrounding US policy in El Salvador after the murders of four US churchwomen by Salvadoran soldiers, one of whom was Jean Donovan. This led to his social activism and creation in 1990 of the School of Americas Watch.

On Friday, February 25 and Saturday, February 26 the CWRU Social Justice Institute will present the 2011 Jean Donovan International Social Justice Conference “Representation, Resistance, and Transformation in Central America” For program details go to

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