November 04, 2012

New Abolitionists: Stepping Up to The Plate

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An African-American boy born in the twenty-first century has a 1 in 3 of ending up in prison in his lifetime. For Latinos, the number is 1 in 6. This cradle to prison pipeline has been called the "New Jim Crow". What do these numbers mean to students and organizers? This week, Regionally Speaking invited those behind Case Western Reserve University's New Abolitionist chapter. From the young voices of Sarah Robinson, Joseph Worthy, and Tosin Shenbanjo, we learn that driving principle of the group is that the status quo is injustice, and it can be changed.


(from left to right)
Joseph Worthy, National Coordinator of Youth, Leadership, and Development for the Children's Defense Fund

Sarah Robinson, Assistant Director at CWRU's Schubert Center for Child Studies and an organizer for CWRU's New Abolitionist

Tosin Shenbanjo, Vice President of CWRU's New Abolitionist

Gladys Haddad, host of Regionally Speaking

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