January 22, 2013

Technology, Medicine, and Public Health

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Smartphones and tablet computers are the signature products of the twenty-first century. It is no surprise then that twenty-first century medicine is integrating the latest technology into the way care is delivered. This week's guest discusses exciting prospects of utilizing technology in the field of public health along with the potential challenges. Dr. David Kaelber is the Chief Medical Informatics Officer at MetroHealth and received his degrees in medicine and biomedical engineering at Case Western Reserve University. Dr. Kaelber has worked on making personal electronic medical records for MetroHealth that can be accessed from your living room. Using the vast databases offered by electronic medical records, Dr. Kaelbar discovered that high blood pressure in children is underdiagnosed. In the second half of the program, we learn about other ways Dr. Kaelbar has committed to the Cleveland community through Habitat for Humanity.

David Kaelber, MD, PhD, MPH, Chief Medical Informatics Officer at MetroHealth
Gladys Haddad, Host of Regionally Speaking

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