July 26, 2010

The Lebacle: A Sport Icon’s Departure from Cleveland – Good or Bad?


Now, I’m sure you have read or heard of a zillion takes on “The Decision” (Apologizes for the late post). The story is fascinating. Ohio-born product. Freakish athlete. Plays for his hometown team. Scoring champion. All Star. Super star. Mega star. 2 Time MVP. Yadda Yadda Yadda. The national media has been fixated on this guy for years. Some say he was destined for greatness, possibly the GOAT (Greatest of All Time), but July 8, 2010, will be etched in the memories of many people forever.

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December 09, 2009

Time zooms by like sun in your eyes

Personal note: When I was a little kid my mother told me not to stare into the sun, so once when I was six, I did. At first the brightness was overwhelming, but I had seen that before. I kept looking, forcing myself not to blink, and then the brightness began to dissolve. My pupils shrunk to pinholes and everything came into focus and for a moment I understood.
-Max Cohen from the movie, Pi (1998)


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November 09, 2009

I'm coming back!

So I have not been blogging for a LONG time, but I feel like I should start it up again. My goal for now (and yes, this is low-balling it) will be to write one blog a month. Hopefully, I will be writing more. Stay tuned!

November 19, 2007

Learning by Reflection

James Joyce once said that “A man’s errors are his portals of discovery.” Music education majors at Case have recognized this idea through their constant encounters with reflection writings.

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November 12, 2007

Accessing Archives Ain’t Annoying

If you were doing a project on the history of medicine, try to Google the phrase “history of medicine.” You will find about 340,000,000 pages relating to that search. Rather than sifting through all of those pages aimlessly, take a look at an archive. Archivists make an archive's storage of primary resources more accessible to the public by crafting extensive previews to the documents on file.

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September 25, 2007

Electronic Anonymity

Machoman2282: Hey u. My A/S/L is 25, m, New York. Check out my profile pic:

man 25.JPG

If you really know me, then you know I’m jk. However, DBEYR in chat rooms because the identity of a person differs between the real and virtual worlds.

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September 18, 2007

Tattoos are a Shanda?

If I got a Star of David etched into my arm, I know my mom would kvetch because she believes that I wouldn’t be allowed to be buried in a Jewish cemetery. Even though she is incorrect since no textual evidence exists to back her claim, a Jewish prohibition on tattoos exists for maintaining a sense of holiness.


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