December 11, 2005

Tom Mendola

In our discussion of the Tom Mendola case, i was on the side of not firing Tom. Even after discussing all the reasons not to fire Tom, if I was his boss I would still fire him. Living in poverty is no excuse for not working to the standard all of the other workers do. I think if he cared that much about his family, we would have worked harder the whole time. Work ethic is not something you can teach through more training and no matter what you did Tom would never have a strong work ethic. It would benefit the compamy more to let him go.

Learning Plan

I think in general the learning plans are a good idea. I hated writing it but I do think I learned a little about myself through the process. Also, as I mentioned in class I really enjoyed being forced to do career interviews and would encourage everyone to do some before they really decide on a career path. One thing I really do not like though is having to write personal goals. I really did not feel comfortable writing a personal goal down for others to read, critique and grade and ended up making up a personal goal that I did not mind if people read. While even doing this helped me to realize my actual personal goals, I think that in the future this aspect should be optional.

HR Simulation Final Report

While writing our Final Report, I was really surprised by how complicated the different measures were. One of our main goals was to increase morale and keep it high. We never quite figured out how to do this. We assumed that morale would depend on a lot more than wages and while we did discover morale had a positive relationship with fringe benefits and Level 1 we never figured out the right combination of increases to control morale. We also expected to see more of a correlation between morale and turnover than the weak one we saw in our graphs. Also, without trying to we managed to maintain high quality levels simply through keeping the quality budget above average. I never really realized how many different things Human Resource managers affect and how much they can change the entire workplace environment.

Performance Management Special Session

I did not enjoy the special session we had with the guest speaker. While he was a good speaker and very knowledgeable, I think we had already beat the subject of performance appraisals to death in class and through our reading. His exercise in the beginning, having people teach us the alphabet, was way too time-consuming and I did not learn anything from it. Provost hour is supposed to be a time where no one has classes and I usually plan meetings and other things I have to around campus during this time and I did not appreciate having to miss other things I needed to do that day for what I felt was a waste of time. I enjoyed the first special session, the resume workshop becuase I learned a lot from it but if I am going to give up my provost hour I would rather it be for something more worthwhile.

Catch Your Dreams

I thought the Catch Your Dreams Exercise we did in class was really pointless and I felt like I was in elementary school again. I think we are all old enough to know the difference between a dream and a goal and whether are goals are attainable or not. I feel our time could be used much more productively in discussion or lecture. If the teaching team still believes it is a good idea and a useful experience instead of just busy work, I think it would be a better experience if it was done as homework, outside of class in our own time. I personally got nothing out of the exercise and felt like I was wasting my time that could have been put to better use doing something else.

November 02, 2005

Are we becoming less ethical?

While doing the reading for last class I should have been shocked by how much ethics have become an issue within businesses today. I would like to think that Enron and WorldCom were just a fluke but unfortunately it seems to be becoming the norm. I was glad to see that a lot of companies are trying to do something about it but at the same time if people have to wait until they are starting their career to learn what you should and should not do. I felt the same way when Mr. Keebler came in to talk to us about interview ethics, while I agree that it is important it is kind of sad to think someone needs to tell us not to lie on our resumes and to show up for our interviews. I was at least proud of our class for showing better ethics with the WSJ quiz than the results shown in Dessler.

October 26, 2005

Learning Plan

I really enjoyed writing my Learning Plan which surprised me because I expected it to be a horrible experience. It was a different than any other paper I have written and I do not think it highlighted my best writing qualities but enjoyed putting different aspects of personality and goals together. My career interviews were really exciting. I expected to be bored because I already knew a lot about the area I was looking into. It was not learning about the job and about the daily duties of it that excited me but rather the love that my interviewees had for their jobs. It really confirmed for me my desire to work with non-profit organizations. This was the easiest part to write about my learning plan. For the rest of the paper sometimes it was hard to get started with each different section because to me it does not seem very interesting since I am so familiar with it. Once I got into writing however, the words just started to flow and it was really fun and easy to write.