Learning Plan

I really enjoyed writing my Learning Plan which surprised me because I expected it to be a horrible experience. It was a different than any other paper I have written and I do not think it highlighted my best writing qualities but enjoyed putting different aspects of personality and goals together. My career interviews were really exciting. I expected to be bored because I already knew a lot about the area I was looking into. It was not learning about the job and about the daily duties of it that excited me but rather the love that my interviewees had for their jobs. It really confirmed for me my desire to work with non-profit organizations. This was the easiest part to write about my learning plan. For the rest of the paper sometimes it was hard to get started with each different section because to me it does not seem very interesting since I am so familiar with it. Once I got into writing however, the words just started to flow and it was really fun and easy to write.


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