March 31, 2006

Status update

Continuing in my three-post trend here of admissions updates and brilliant commentary on cool free stuff like MovableType...well, yesterday was the Day Every College in the World Sends Decisions. I got them today, and temporarily placed my traditionalist values aside and checked online the one decision I hadn't gotten yet (it turned out well).

So here is the final update with regard to admissions. It's actually not very final.

Case - In with lots of free stuff
UMich - In with no free stuff, except see below
UMass - In with lots of money
Cornell - In with unknown quantities of free stuff
MIT - Waitlist
Caltech - Waitlist
Harvard - Waitlist
Princeton - Waitlist

The visiting of schools will begin tomorrow with UMass. And I'm planning on a visit to Case during April vacation.

But, more about UMich and free stuff. While, unfortunately, it appears I'll be paying full tuition if I go there, there's a regional admitted students reception, where I'm being promised a free T-shirt. Free T-shirts are always cool, such as my high school class t-shirt. I love it and wear it all the time. In fact, not including the soon-to-be-mine Michigan T-shirt, I have no less than seven free T-shirts in my wardrobe.

Free laniards are another cool thing, and I've got a couple of those as well. Free frisbees are a little trickier - in my experience, they tend to be cheap frisbees of little aerodynamic value, unless it's from a company like hp.

And that ends my commentary on free stuff, for now.

March 21, 2006


Well, so, yesterday I received my acceptance letter in the mail from Case, along with the Trustee's Scholarship, which is really nice. It won't cost nothing to go, but it won't cost $40,000 either (at this point, please direct angry, conspicuous glares to the University of Michigan). So, yay!

I guess I've now got to apply for financial aid...oooh, I thought those fiendish applications were over. Guess not.

Here's how it looks so far:

MIT - Waitlist
Caltech - Waitlist
Case Western Reserve - In with a nice scholarship and cool free stuff (<--notably, this MovableType)
UMass-Amherst - In with two scholarships, one of which is really nice
UMichigan - In with minimal need-based aid
Cornell - still waiting
Harvard/Princeton - Ha, ha.

So, at the moment, it looks like Case, although UMass is closer and less expensive...I guess that'll be a decision to make...and I guess I'll have to go visit the schools...

January 10, 2006

The aptly named first post, oh my god, it's movable type!

A brilliant stroke of luck led to me remembering about the Case confirmation letter, and that I had to confirm my Case Network ID, etc, etc. What's unbelievably cool is that, I've only just applied to CWRU. And I get a email adress, and movable type.

Although I must say, wordpress, on which my actual website is run, is better. Maybe it's something about the vertically arranged, 9-pt-font navigation panel in the admin section. Maybe it's just the theme. Maybe it's because I'm just so attatched to Wordpress.

But I digress. Getting all this free, cool stuff just for applying, which was also, by the way, free, is rather cool. I wonder: there have to be many of you, class of 2010 applicants, who applied to Case, and like me, was filled with so much wonder upon seeing "create your Case blog" and "wiki node" that you followed through right away.

So, you must be out there somewhere. Give a shout. Flaunt your free MT hosting. Although, you know, the theme is really rather ugly.